Voting Information

Election Information

Elections in Fairfield are held for a variety of reasons:

  • Municipal, State, and Federal races
  • Referendums on ballot issues
  • School board races, bonding referendums, and levies

Ward Map

The members of the Fairfield City Council are elected by the voters of Fairfield and serve for four-year terms. There are five Wards represented by one council member each, and there are two at-large positions as well.

The Fairfield City Council serves to administer and enforce the rules, regulations, policies, and budgets affecting all Fairfield departments and operations.

  • Ward Map (PDF)
  • If you are interested in running for council, you will need to pick up papers from City Hall. If you are running for Council, you will need 10 signatures and if you would like to run for Mayor, you will need 11 signatures.

Voting: A Right & a Privilege

"Voting is a right and a privilege that Fairfield voters participate in to ensure responsible government."

See the information posted at the left to find out how you may vote, register to vote, learn where the precincts/wards are, and other information regarding voter needs and rights.

For specific information not listed, contact the Jefferson County Auditor at the Jefferson County Courthouse (one block north of Central Park, downtown Fairfield), (641) 472-2840.