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Blue Zones Project
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"Blue Zones Community is a model for transforming communities so that the people who live in them can more easily adopt behaviors that help them to live longer, better."  Learn more . . .

Letter from the Mayor

Congratulations to the Fairfield Hy-Vee Store and The Garden Restaurant for being the first to achieve Blue Zones designation. Each of these businesses went through the necessary steps to quality by presenting healthy food option to their customers. This is just the beginning of many community-wide initiatives that will help build a wellness culture in our city.

Over the winter and early spring our Blue Zones Team has been working with our Blue Zones partners Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Healthways to create our community Blue Print or strategic document with our goals in all areas of lifestyle and wellness. There are plans that involve 20% of Fairfield's top employers, our public schools, 7 restaurants and 2 grocery stores, City policy, and most importantly many ways for citizens to get involved through purpose workshops, walking moai, and individual health goals.

During our first efforts to quality as one of the cites chosen as a "demonstration site" our community responded energetically with 37% of our population registering to participate in the Blue Zones Project initiative. Now that we have been selected we need everyone not only to participate but to take action! We must register 20% of our population to achieve our Blue Zones Community Certification. It's as easy as these three simple, life-changing steps:

1. Simply go to and click on "JOIN & PLEDGE TODAY." Invite your family, friends, and co-workers to register and help us quickly reach our goal of 20%.

2. Then select an activity or goal. It could be as easy as volunteering, walking your dog, or committing to ride your bike - there are literally hundreds of options to choose.

3. Follow up on your pledges and finally check complete.

If you have already signed up in previous months you just need to login again with your username and password, select an action, check complete and we are on our way!

Finally, as we unfold our community Blue Print and engage in fulfilling all of our goals we will need many volunteers. You can register to volunteer on the Fairfield Blue Zones Facebook page (see link below). It's all about the fun we can have together while living longer, healthier lives.

Yours in good health,

Mayor Ed Malloy


How do I get Involved in the Fairfield Blue Zones Project?

Pledge online! This is the single most important thing we can do to get our community chosen as a Blue Zones. By pledging you’re saying, “I support this initiative.” There’s no other obligation. Ask your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to pledge too!

“Like” us on Facebook at:!/FairfieldBZP

To pledge support click here.